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Friday, October 22, 2021

Writing Attractive, must-see titles

YouTube marketing is all about presentation. Like, literally. Titles are make-or-break when it comes to your video’s performance.

Ask myself: Am I presenting my content as “must-see”? The key to crafting killer titles is grabbing my audience’s attention without resorting to clickbait headlines.

People crave content that’s entertaining, and they likewise want to know what your video is about from the word “go.” For example, I can take a page out of the playbooks of YouTube giants like BuzzFeed and What Culture. Such videos often rely on listicles, question-based titles or hyperbole (“insane,” “…of all time”) to rack up the views.

The takeaway here is that I should definitely spend time mulling over engaging titles rather than sticking with the first idea that pops into my head. In terms of specifics, an oft-cited study from Tubular Insights notes that YouTube video titles should stick between 41 and 70 characters.

Meanwhile, tools such as Co Schedule’s headline analyzer recommends 55 characters for an engaging headline. Co Schedule’s tool isn’t specifically meant for video titles but is awesome for brainstorming YouTube-friendly titles to help promote my YouTube channel.

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