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WiFi router can be hacked, 10 tips to stay safe ?

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We use WiFi routers for seamless internet connectivity across multiple devices. However, hackers can also hack the router network and steal personal information. So be careful beforehand. Tech-based site Senate Report has revealed some essential tricks to protect your WiFi router from being hacked. Let’s take a look at those strategies.

Create strong passwords for WiFi: The stronger the WiFi password, the harder it will be for hackers to hack. It is also important to change the WiFi password every few days or at least once in six months. And it is better not to use date of birth, 1234 number, phone number, place of birth etc. as password. Because hackers can easily guess these passwords. Create password with combination of capital letters, numbers, various symbols.

Create a guest network: To be extra careful, create a separate guest network for guests visiting the house. Viruses and malware can attack your network when guests download content to their own devices over WiFi. It is also good to create guest networks for different IoT devices. Because IoT devices like WiFi cameras, smart speakers can also be hacked using the network.

Change router login data: Use a different password and admin name for the router. This password and WiFi password are not the same thing. Admin name and password can be changed from router settings. For this, search the IP address of the router in a browser. The IP address is written on the router or in the manual guide. Then enter router settings with username and password. Change password and username from settings.

Turn off the remote router access feature: The device can be controlled remotely via WiFi. This facility is available through the Remote Router Access feature. But it is better to turn off the feature if not required. To turn off the feature needs to be changed from the router’s admin settings.

Place the router in the middle of the room: Place the router in the middle of the room to use the router safely. As a result, the network will reach all parts of the house equally. The WiFi network will be limited to the house, not outside. As a result hackers will not be able to hack it easily.

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