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Why does Messi walk on the field

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The oldest allegation about Messi is that he walks on the field. He is less seen to press. The whole match is sometimes standing, sometimes walking watching the game. But why does Messi do that? Does he lack commitment? Let’s see who says what.

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Pep Guardiola said in a 2016 interview: “Look at Messi. He looks like he’s just walking on the field. He looks like he’s alone.

He is the lowest run-scoring player in La Liga. Then by the time the ball comes to him, time and space have been created in his head. He knows who’s on the field. And run. “Guardiola has explained this many times.
Messi opponents have also explained. According to Real Madrid legend Jorge Valdano, “he knows that not all matches need to be played in the same rhythm.

He can play the whole match on foot. There is no one else who is as skilled as he is. “
England and Athletic Madrid defender Kirian Tripier said while playing at Tottenham in 2016, “I have played against him a few times and his pairing match is a huge burden to fill the small pockets of space.
Before Barcelona could play three passes, he knew where the ball was going.

He is amazingly intelligent. You have to be careful when he walks like that. Suppose you are playing against the standard. Once you take your eyes off her, she will leave you behind. But with Messi, he is in front of your eyes every time you look. It’s weird that he keeps walking. Keep walking. Then all of a sudden, before you know it, round. She’s incredible, the best of all time. “

Let’s look at a small statistic. In 2016 El Clasico, Messi’s distance covering was only 5 miles. 73% of the time he walked.
Messi still had one goal and one assist in that match. And Barca won that match 3-0. Tactically, when Messi walks or holds a position on a high sub-pitch, defenders have to keep an eye on him. Which gives others the opportunity of free movement.

In 2016, a researcher by researcher Javier Hernandez found that 6% of high value space is created due to Messi’s position holding. More interestingly, these figures equate to more workrate players than Messi.
Yes, lazy Messi is more effective than many hardworking players.

So at the end of the day I have to say that again, Messi walks better than many footballers run !!

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