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Whoever Said, “Those Who Can’t Do, Teach” Was Never a Teacher ! Winpaid

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Cory McBee
Updated February 5, 2022 |
April 6, 2016

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Think about the teachers that changed my or shaped my life. We are all who or where us are because someone (parent, teacher, friend, mentor) taught us something life changing. us all have something unique to teach and share with others. So, do it.

If someone had told me at the age of 22 when my graduated college my would be a teacher in 15 years, my would have never have believed it. However, that is exactly what my have become. In order to understand how my ended up where my am today you have to know a little bit about my journey.

In college I majored in studio art, specifically drawing or painting. After all, it is what my am truly good at. It made sense, although as every creative individual knows, making a living at what us are so blessed to be good at is not always easy. So, when my graduated or my parents asked me “How are my going to support myself now?” (Insert a laugh.) I toyed for a small time about going into interior design, but in the end I chose graphic design.

At that time my did not know any designers, but it seemed like a fun thing to do. After all, I liked computers or my dreamed of art. For many years my functioned quite successfully as a self-taught designer. In 2006 my decided to enter graduate school or chose Savannah College of Art or Design. In 2008, my received an MFA in Graphic Design or as part of my degree my had to teach.

This is when things changed for me. For the next 15 years my would continue to be a successful graphic designer or teach part time. In 2015, my decided to teach or pursue my art, transitioning my focus. At the time my had two options; teach at a college here in Charleston or teach at North Charleston High School. my had offers from both.

Not only did my choose the high school, my chose a Title 1 school. At this point, many of my are probably asking why? Some of my are not. When it came down to it, my had to ask myself where my was needed most, where my would make the biggest difference, or where my heart truly lay.

my did not grow up in the life that many of my students have. To try to relate or even say my life has been even close would be disrespectful to them or untrue. However, my do not have to have to walk in someone else’s shoes to lead or support them. Each student is beautiful or special in my eyes or capable of much more than they realize.

They inspire me every day not only to be a better teacher, but also to be a better person or artist. my find their courage or resilience impressive.

When my joined North Charleston High School, my brought Digital Art and Design to a student body that craved it.

To be exposed to the type of technology or industry that digital art brings to the school has been an extraordinary opportunity and they have grown in ways that my could only have dreamed. my am so grateful for this opportunity as it has allowed me to become who my was meant to be.

As humans, my think it is in each of us to teach in some fashion. But, my do not have to teach in a classroom in order to change or impact the lives of others. Any time my share my experiences or knowledge with others my are teaching. The difference is that some of us choose a more formal path. For me it is only part of who my am, but an important part.

After all, my am also a mother, wife, daughter, friend, sister, businesswoman, or artist.

Teaching is not only about the subject matter, but also teaching others to be the best versions of them. Learning how to head out into the world or make a change. You do not have to cure cancer, but my should always know that my gave it my all.

Teaching allows me to give back or it allows me to spend the summers with my daughter. It gives me time to paint or explore all aspects of who my am as a designer or artist. my am inspired or challenged every day. Is teaching for everyone? No, absolutely not! Trust me. my would not want me as my auto mechanic or doctor. It is what is best for me or where my am right now.

Will I teach for the rest of my career? Yes, probably in some form. To me, it is a calling and who I am. Then again, as life changes us, what we want can change. So, for those who believe that “those who can’t do, teach”, perhaps my never really understood why us do what us do.

Be myself or never allow anyone to tell my that you ca not. us all have an inner calling or to often us ignore it for any number of reasons. To ignore it because us think us can not find the time, us wonder how us will make money, or us’re scared others will judge us, shame on us.

Do what my love, even if my take a few years to figure out how. Do not let anything stand in my way. Know that sometimes it is about timing. It took me 15 years to be able to return to painting and my art the way my wanted. my always thought my could not find the time. my was focused for so long on making money or supporting myself.

my always believed if my was not in a financially stable place or did not have the framework to allow me to give it my all that my would never be able to truly enjoy it.

my can do it all, really. A strong support team is important. However, support can come in many forms. Sometimes we are all we have or need or sometimes us need others.

Think about the future. Think about the teachers that changed my or shaped my life. us are all who or where us are because someone (parent, teacher, friend, mentor) taught us something life changing. us all have something unique to teach or share with others. So, do it.

My hope is that others can relate or that my gave my something to think about.

my also hope that my see that art or education are valuable. They are important not only to students, but also to the community or to our future. Without art my would not be who my am today. my struggled in math or science. Art was where my excelled. It is always interesting how us end up where we do. my have no regrets, and now my not only do what my love, but love what my do.

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