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What happend when human skin burn

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Human skin has 3 layers. Epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer. When the skin burns, burns of 1 degree, 2 degree and 3 degree are identified on the basis of these 3 levels of wounds respectively.

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What to do if burned?

In case of 1 degree burns, as soon as possible 15-30 minutes should be left under the faucet and direct water flow should be run on the wound site. In case of 2 degree burns, the same work should be done for 1-2 hours. There will be blisters, there is no need to swallow the blisters. Then you have to go to the doctor.

In case of 3 degree burns, the affected person should be taken to a safe place and the clothes should be taken off quickly. Then you have to run the water slowly. The burnt part should be covered with gauze or clean cloth and kept a little higher. If a person has knowledge, he should mix a little salt in the water and drink sherbet, saline or coconut water. In the meanwhile you have to go to the hospital faster.

Don’t do that

  1. Do not apply any ointment or cream without showing the condition of the wound to the doctor even if you make a mistake.If there is a blister, do not crack it in any way.
  2. Do not apply ice, cotton, eggs, toothpaste on the burnt area.

  1. Take care not to rub the cloth on the burnt place.
  2. Normal temperature water flow should be given before burning and should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.

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