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Friday, October 22, 2021

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely boasts that they get around 2.5 million users a month. That’s huge.

They have a multitude of job postings with many design-related offerings. We Work Remotely may feel a bit less personal than more design-centric websites, but the volume of job postings makes up for this.

People or companies seeking designers have to spend a fixed price of $299 to list on We Work Remotely, which acts as a screening process and weeds out a lot of low-quality job leads.

With heavy hitters such as Google, Amazon, and In Vision all listed as companies who’ve posted on it, this is a legit platform. And what’s even better, I don’t have to create a profile — all you need to do is click on a job link and be brought straight there.

Whether I am looking for part-time work or freelance jobs that will keep me busy full time, We Work Remotely has freelance jobs to fit my skill set.

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