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You can see all the messages from those who have previously accepted the connection request in your inbox. All messages and connection requests you send will also appear in the Inbox.

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You can see the profiles of all the people you connect to on my network.


Connection requests invite you from other users in Glow Road . Click on the sender’s name or profile picture to see her full profile. Accept the invitation if you want to reply or stay in touch with this customer. If you click Reject, she will not be able to send you more messages in the future. However, she does not know that you have rejected her request.

Make connections.

Allows linked links to explore all Glow Road Gifts profiles. You can connect with the ladies of your choice and premium sellers by clicking on the Build Connections link in the menu. You can get your results by customers (users or premium sellers) and by city. If you browse premium profiles, you can filter by category of products or services. Click on the person’s name to see her complete profile. Click if you want to contact someone.


By creating a broadcast list you can send a message to multiple GlowRoad users at once. You can also send streaming messages to unconnected people. Messages sent and received in transmission are private. Those who are not interested can opt out of your list. Click on Broadcast to read more about this feature.

Activity log.

You can see the activity log

All messages you posted on GlowRoad .

All posts you commented on.

All the posts you like.

Post an update

The update feature allows you to post messages that appear as feed in all users’ dashboard. To keep the posts in order, we ask you to select the appropriate category.

General Updates: Any information you want to share with the community.

Wanted resumes: Posts inviting resumes for your products.

Items wanted: Posts inviting suppliers / wholesalers / merchants for the specific product or category you want.

For Sale: Posts offering an item for sale.

Looking for a job: Posts that describe the type of work you are looking for.

Ask: Any questions for the community.

Increase your post‌

You can enhance your post after you have posted your activity log by clicking the “Boost Button” below each post.

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