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The Ultimate Business Toolkit for Photographers

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The right tools can make it easier than you think to grow your photography business.

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We asked photographers which resources have been instrumental in transforming their business, and here’s what they said.

Business Tool #1: Online Bookings

Book more clients than ever by sending proposals online. With HoneyBook’s proposal software, clients can review, sign and pay instantly from their phone, wherever they are.

Removing friction in the process leads to happier clients and more bookings for you.

HoneyBook gives you a better edge on booking clients and booking them faster. Once people are on their phone or on their computer at home,

what they’re doing is looking for the easiest way to get something booked.

If you decide you want to send a PDF to the client, and they want to look at it, and then they have to print it out, scan it, sign it and send it back to you, guess what? I’ve beaten you to that.

I got that wedding, you didn’t. And that’s an easiness about HoneyBook, making sure that you get those clients faster.

Business Tool #2: Lawyer-Written, Lawyer-Approved Contracts

Instead of a random contract downloaded off the internet, use our HoneyBook online contract to get peace of mind and save thousands of dollars. (Hiring your own lawyer can cost between $250-$1,000 per hour.)

We partnered with attorney and contract-expert Christina Scalera to create a bulletproof contract template written specifically for small businesses.

You can get your free contract template by starting a HoneyBook trial here (no credit card required). Tip: You’ll find the contract template under Tools>Templates.


Business Tool #3: Online Invoicing

Still emailing your invoices and waiting for paper checks? Studies show that small businesses that accept online payments make 2x more than those that don’t. And it’s faster. Over 80% of online invoices sent through HoneyBook are paid within one day.

Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails and snail-mail checks. Use our free invoice templates to get started or create your own.


Business Tool #4: Passive Income Strategy

Diversify your income stream by turning your custom 1-on-1 photography services into a template or product. Packaging up a version of your services into more affordable,

less customized options allows you to expand your reach, selling to many customers at once,

without increasing your workload. Have Lightroom + ACR presets? Get a new cash flow by selling them to fellow photographers who admire your aesthetic.

Business Tool #5: Email Automation

Are you spending time answering each and every inquiry, but not getting many responses? Email automation can do the follow-up for you to save you time—and get results.

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