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Suji ka Halwal ! Winpaid Food Review

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Hi friends,how are you all? Today’s recipe is ‘Suji ka Halwal’. As the navratri comes it brings happiness and festive moods with itself. Suji ka halwa is the dish which brings back lots of memories related to navratri.

I still remember when navratri comes it becomes ritual to visit the temple of our colony and have that halwa as a form of parshad.

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The taste and aroma of that halwa is still so fresh that it takes me back to my childhood days again. Not only halwa but sometimes chole, puri and many other things are also there in the form of parshad but halwa is my favorite.

When the navratri comes suji ka halwa is the must sweet dish to prepare and have it with family and friends.

So today I am here to share that halwa recipe. I know its quite difficult to bring back exact same taste but it’s part of my childhood memories so I thought to share it with you guys.

Let start the recipe.

Ingredients for suji ka halwa:-

  • Suji – 1bowl
  • Ghee – 2tsp
  • Sugar – 1/2 bowl
  • Water as per required
  • Dry fruits
  • Elachi powder

Steps to follow:-

  • Heat a pan and put the ghee in it.
  • Now put suji in pan and start roasting suji it. Roast it until it turns golden brown.
  • After roasting it put some dry fruits in it and start mixing it also.
Suji ka halwa
  • Now add sugar and mix it properly with the mixture of suji and dry fruits.
Suji ka halwa
  • When you see sugar granules are mixed well then add 2 cups of water and elachi powder in it.
  • Let it cook until it absorbs the water and becomes thick.
  • Your suji ka halwa is ready to serve. Serve it hot as it taste more delicious when it is hot.
Suji ka halwa

Some tips:-

  • Roast the suji for 7-8 mins or until you see its color changes.
  • You can add dry fruits of your choice. I used cashews, almonds and walnuts.
  • Roasting of dry fruits increase its taste.
  • Use elachi powder at the time when you add the water only.
  • You can also use milk instead of water.

Hope you like my recipes and make a try at home. Enjoy it with your family and friends Happy navratri. 

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