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Friday, October 22, 2021

Statistics website

Copywriters love a reliable statistics website. Injecting a cold hard fact into my online content gives my subject a sense of credibility, and makes it more interesting. Did I know, for example, that the highest-ranking articles on Google contain an average of 2,416 words? Also, some people believe that around 80% of statistics are false. So how do I make a profitable business based on this website idea? I have got to fact-check, for starters. Making sure my facts and figures are genuine will help massively with user retention for my website. Pick an industry or market that I understand or are particularly interested in. Marketers love to pad out articles about topics like retail with stats, as an example. I can date my statistics – make older ones freely available online to drive traffic, then put my freshest data behind a paywall for industry specialists to access.

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