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Smart Ways To Make Money Online

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Here are some ways to make money with your banking, finance, and investments online.

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43. Invest Your Spare Change

Put your spare change to work for you and build wealth using micro-investing apps like Acorns and Digit. These apps automatically invest small amounts of money you won’t miss and help you reach your financial goals.

Join Acorns here.

44. Cut Your Investment Fees With a Robo-Advisor

Online investment managers like Betterment and Wealthsimple remove the hassle from investing by using:

  • Diversified portfolios
  • Automatic re-balancing and dividend re-investing
  • Automatic deposits
  • Tax minimization

More importantly, they use low-cost ETFs and charge a management fee that is much lower than what you pay for traditional mutual funds. Save on investment fees here.

45. Try Peer to Peer Lending

Do you have some money sitting idle that could be earning returns? Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending involves providing loans to individuals and small businesses via an online platform that screens the borrowers and facilitates the transactions.

LendingClub is one of the more popular P2P services. Start with as little as $25 and receive monthly payments of principal and interest in your account.

46. Grow Your 401K with Blooom

Blooom wants to help you grow your retirement pot faster with low-cost fees, no account minimums, and free financial advice.

Have 401a, 401k, 403b, or 457 accounts? You should check what Blooom has to offer.

47. Freelance on Upwork

Upwork is the perfect platform for freelancers to find well-paying gigs including web development, accounting, writing, translation, marketing, data analysis, customer service, design, and admin support.

Here’s how one guy made $113,553 in 1 year on Upwork.

48. Invest in Real Estate Online

Diversify your portfolio easily with real estate investments using REITs, eFunds, and a low starting minimum investment of just $500. Get started with Fundrise and start earning passive income.

49. Get a Free Credit Score

Your credit score is a measure of your creditworthiness and determines whether or not lenders give you their best rates. An excellent credit score means lower costs on your mortgage, personal loans, and other credit.

Access your free credit score using Credit Sesame and Credit Karma.

50. Cut Your Bills With Trim

The Trim Financial Manager app automatically lowers your internet, cable, and phone bills. It will also help you cancel your unused/unwanted subscriptions. Sign up for Trim and stop paying full price.

Also, check out Billshark.

51. Maximize Credit Card Rewards

Use a credit card that pays you with cash back or rewards points when you make purchases online or in-store. As long as you pay off your card balance on time and avoid interest fees, this is one good way to get free money back in your wallet.

52. Use a High-Interest Savings Account

Are you parking your savings inside an account that earns close to 0% APY? Find an online bank that pays much higher interest rates so you can earn real returns and grow your money.

Here are some high-yield account options.

Money Making Ideas That Require No Previous Experience

Creative Ways To Make Money Online

Have little to no capital to set up a business? Can’t be bothered with learning new skills, taking courses, or going back to school? These gigs are not demanding and you can start them right away to earn extra income.

53. Walk Dogs in Your City

Rover.com is the largest network of dog walkers and pet sitters in the U.S. and is a well-paying side hustle if you like dogs. Set up a free account here, choose your schedule and price, and earn up to $1,000 per month working part-time.

You can withdraw your earnings two days after walking a dog.

54. Rent Out Your Parking Spot

Is your driveway, parking space, or garage sitting idle when you are at work during the day? Consider renting it out to others for cash. List your space on Pavemint, Parklee, and Rover Parking.

This gig can be very rewarding if you live close to downtown or a busy recreational center (e.g. game and music venues).

55. Do Mystery Shopping

Mystery shoppers can have fun and earn cash at the same time. Simply sign-up with a reputable mystery shopping company and they will send you specific tasks to complete such as buying food at a restaurant or changing your car oil at a dealership.

Evaluate the service provided and submit a report. Each shop you visit can pay you up to $25 per assignment. Examples of mystery shopping websites are:

  • MarketForce
  • Secret Shopper

56. Become a Personal Shopper

Earn extra income in your spare time by helping people do their grocery shopping. If you are so inclined, you can also help them deliver their orders.

Instacart is hiring full-service and in-store shoppers right now. Personal shoppers make up to $25 per hour.

57. Make Money as a Mock Juror

Ever wondered what it is like to serve on a jury? Well, you can experience ‘fake’ jury duty and get paid.

Lawyers often set up mock trials using mock jurors so they can practice their case defense before appearing at a real court. Mock jurors can earn up to $150 per day. Gigs are available online or in person.

A few places to find this gig include Ejury, SignUpDirect, OnlineVerdict, and JuryTalk.

58. Do MicroJobs on Mechanical Turk

This Amazon site pays you to do simple tasks in your spare time.

Some of the work available on Mechanical Turk include image/video processing, finding and removing duplicate entries online, completing questionnaires, transcribing audio, fine-tuning search engine results, and more.

59. Get Paid To Write Reviews

Provide feedback on products and services online and get paid. Some of the best sites to make money writing reviews are:

60. Cuddle Strangers

Yes, it is a legit gig and you can make up to $80 per hour as a professional cuddler or snuggler (no sex involved).

Your clients are mostly people who are looking for the human touch to help them with their anxiety or depression. The science behind this is that skin-to-skin touch releases oxytocin which inhibits cortisol, a stress hormone.

Here’s a woman who paid off $3,500 in student loan debt by snuggling.

61. Rent Out Your Possessions/Equipment

Rent out what you already own to others and make extra money.

Things you can rent out include textbooks, cars, carpet cleaner, lawnmower, snow blower, storage space, clothes, sports gear, musical instruments, and more.

62. Inbox Dollars ($5 Bonus)

Inbox Dollars is a popular “get paid to” site. They pay you to answer surveys, watch videos, play games, watch videos, read emails and shop online.

They have paid their members more than $57 million to date. Get your $5 bonus here.

63. Become a Gigwalker

Gigwalk is a micro-task platform where you can get paid for completing small jobs using your phone. Available gigs include going into a store to verify that products on the shelf are priced accurately. You take a photo and submit it.

You can earn between $3 and $100 per gig and payment is done through PayPal.

64. Work Extra Hours and Shifts

Stay back and work more hours if it is available at your current job. This will increase your paycheck and may also come in handy when you ask for a raise.

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