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Sinus infraction (Sinusitis): Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Sinusitis is usually caused by a virus and often persists even after other upper respiratory symptoms have disappeared.  In some cases, bacteria – or, rarely, fungi – can cause a sinus infection.  Other conditions such as allergies, nasal polyps, and dental infections can also contribute to sinus pain and symptoms.

Symptoms and Remedies for Sinus Disease

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Sinus problems cause fever and a feeling of weakness.  However, it is possible to prevent the disease with little awareness.  The sinuses don’t really work.  Why is it located in the human body?  Researchers have struggled to come up with a solution.  However, it is because there are some air chambers around our noses that have a membrane in them.  The membrane is attached to the nose.  So if there is a problem with the nose, it can be called sinus in many cases.

So it can be seen that those who have nose problems have sinus problems in some cases.  Nasal and sinus problems are usually not separated.  The area of ​​work of the sinuses is that it lightens the head.  Many say it works in heat resistance.

Its problems are very common and painful.  Usually, this problem is caused by dust.  About 30 to 40 percent of patients who come to the hospital have nasal problems.  In many cases of nasal congestion, the disease progresses to the sinuses.

Symptoms of sinus:

Sinus infraction (Sinusitis): Causes, Symptoms  and Treatment

Sinus problems do not usually occur without nasal problems.  And the problems that are in the nose.  Can’t breathe properly.  Sneezing- coughing.  Problems swallowing in the throat.  Bleeding through the nose.  These are nasal problems.  Then when it goes to the sinuses, there is a headache. The blockage in the nose goes to the sinuses at a later time.  Can go from nose to ear.  May go from nose to throat.  If there is a problem with the nose, it is often seen that shortness of breath may not be good.

Then when there is a problem with the sinuses, the patient will complain of headaches.  Sinus can cause pain in the forehead, cheeks, and at the base of the eyes.  Colds are a problem. Headaches are usually caused by three or four reasons.  Brain problems, due to anxiety, cause headaches for many eyes, and headaches due to nasal problems. First, we have to see where the headaches started.  There is also a fever with sinus pain.  Either there is a high fever or the body is hot at night.  Eye problems usually do not have a fever.  Brain problems usually do not have a fever.

Treatment of sinus problems:

Sinus infraction (Sinusitis): Causes, Symptoms  and Treatment

Pollution is a big cause of nasal problems.  The sinus problem is due to dust and sand.  There is nothing that we can do about it.  However, household items need to be cleaned well.  We may avoid household filth.  If you notice, you will see that there is dust in the carpet-sofa.  Dust contains mites.  The saliva and waste that comes out of these create problems.  These are allergens.

You will see many patients wake up in the morning holding their heads or sneezing.  This is because the mattress of the quilted mattress has mites. Carpets, sofas should be avoided as much as possible.  Also, if the mattress is exposed to the sun, it is better.  It is not possible to kill Mite.  We have to be aware of ourselves to overcome these.

What happens if sinus problems get worse:

There will be a weakness with the body will feel feverish.  These are the eyes and the brain around the sinuses.  Infection can spread to these places.  However, these are not so.  The head feels heavy in the sinuses.  The body will feel weak.  It will be difficult to concentrate on work.

What to do to get healthy:

Stay away from dust.  Some medications can be used for nasal problems.  Medications can reduce the swelling of the nose.  Then the way will be opened.  Once the nasal passage is opened, the sinus passage will also become clear.  So first you have to open the nasal passages.  Medicine is given for this.  It is possible to recover.

However, if the condition worsens, surgery may be required.  Not needed in most cases.  Occasionally needed.  Surgery is for quick recovery of the body.  And surgery has become quite easy now, there is no cause of death. Many people are afraid to do nose surgery if there is a loss of beauty.  But the hope is that there is no reason to lose beauty in these surgeries.  There is no risk of losing the beauty of the nose after rhinoplasty surgery.

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