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Serge Gnabry on just football

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Serge Gnabry: “I remember when I broke into the Arsenal team, I started spending my money on so much unnecessary stuff, you can’t cope with it. The £600 toiletry bag. The sparkly Christian Louboutins from back in the day.

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My mother had to sit me down & say, ‘Serge, you know, this might not be forever. You can’t be spending money like this. You need to stay grounded, because everyone falls down at some point.’ A few weeks after that conversation, I went down.

Everything kind of fell apart. I injured my knee, and I couldn’t do anything for about eight months. Time was just frozen. When I finally got back to the pitch, I couldn’t get into the squad. All of a sudden, I was going out on loan at West Brom.”

Football is a tough sport to make it in, but Serge Gnabry battled back to become one of the world’s best


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