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Truth and Integrity Truth seems easy to say, Easy to uphold, nothing to fear

Strange it feels when we hear it often

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Truth must be told at all times

When the time comes, we realize Tis a struggle so tempting to solve

Truth no longer seems easy, rather

Foolish, unnecessary and unloved

Mind is at ease to conceal, facts

Irrelevant to the context, shame

Unspoken, unaccepted yet real

Bends you slowly away from the true

Struggle seems misplaced, unwanted

Words of wisdom turn into burden

Earlier conviction fades into discomfort Ways to justify surface their ugly heads

Reason bends unwillingly to the false

hoodMighty warrior succumbs to the villan

Truth is set aside with unwilling ease

Moments increasing confidence in its wake

Yet when the day comes and truth revealed

Cringes appears in the sides of soul

Body whimpers with the thought

Why did I fall to Satan knowing fully well

At that moment remorse overwhelms

Nobility surfaces going back in time

We get the courage to face the truth

Even though in vain, it feels so good

Truth is hard, not liked by many

Willing to accept is a rare skill

So standing by the Truth is hard

For you face it alone, none to stand by

All the tribulations and the pain follows

Inflicted by the kin as a traitor in midst

Yet the journey leads to joy, in the end

When Truth prevails, you’re the hero

Steadfast in Truth, remains the strong

When said with earnest, wins in the end

Trust and Respect comes along, True Hero is the one who stood with Truth

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