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Friday, October 22, 2021

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The Mouse

In my home, a mouse made its way, Found a place amongst the pipes

Settling finally inside the ac (aae see) Rested finally as its house of dreams

It found its peace, a home to stay

My home became its playground

It ran inside the confines of my home

Unsettling me with fears all around

Sounds of scratches, leftover bones

Screeches and sounds of running around Falling utensils, snipped mangoes

Mouse showed me a living hell

Thinking of ways to rid of it

Called the snatchers and the like

Pests they say are easy to rid

But yours is not so easy to read

And so thinking of ways to get rid of it

Bounced around with ideas that fitKilling, scaring, blocking, steamingHooking, trapping – passed my mind

Then I laid a trap, with its favorite bite

Blocked it’s way and waited all nightFlop,

came the sound, promptly I knewThe pest that grew on me is finally through

As I watched it, thoughts passed my mind

If I leave it out, it would find its way back

After all, the house is a home to Mouse

As it is mine, we agreed on that one alone

Killing it would make me live in peace

Of noise, but would I find my solace? Depriving his life, what right I have? Would I be a monster, denying its will? Would we not stay together, is it not

A choice? Or is it only my right to calla home a home? Or is it because as

Human, I built the house I deny its right As I looked into its eyes, I saw it plead The fear was unbearable to feel

Against reason, hands released the hatch, We both will call the home our home!!!

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