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Friday, October 22, 2021

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“I can’t forget you”

O my dearest,

I can’t forget you.

Not known where are you, that’s why

I can’t go infront of you.

Alas, what is my responsibility?

At home i can’t stay alone.

In my fate, you have written what a pain of separation.

Always this mind stays near to you.

And here, this body stays on the ground to see you.

How many times i call,

yet you don’t heed,

Why are you don’t understand the pain of this mind.

I am a helpless unfortunate maid.

What was with me have given all that.

Why are you staying from me far away in this land of illusion?

Come to me dear, otherwise take me to you. Here i am very alone helpless without you.

What is happiness here in night and day?

With me if you are not stay.

Don’t weep me anymore, please, make something a way, my supplication to you.

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