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Rag Day for what?

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You are a student of a famous school in Chuadanga. Students of five other schools in the district will learn something good by watching you. You will be the role model. But obscenity in the name of “Rag Day” is not desirable to you at all. It’s okay to have a rag day on the school campus but rent a van and put a mic down the street show like the stupid boys in the original village.

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And those who have expensive car bikes of their father, they ride bikes and show-down, they don’t have a license. What steps did the administration take to ride a bike?

So many bikes were on the road but why no sergeant stopped them? Are they allowed to ride bikes ??? The role of the police is silent. It is very disgusting.


Guy’s white genji has nothing to do with obscene talk.
I was talking about VJ School 2022 SSC batch. It was very bad for the current students to do such activities. Why does the parent society allow this today, why are they silent ????

The people on the street who saw a man and did not speak for them but the school teachers of the school have been discredited. So to express my remorse for not being able to listen to the disrespectful words of my teachers.

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