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Qutub Minar Height, History, Images, Timings, & Secret Behind It

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The amazing Architecture located in Delhi made a tourist hotspot to visit Qutub Minar height and its beauty. After all, this statue opens everyone’s eye when they came across this awe-inspiring Architecture of Delhi. World tallest brick statue: Qutub Minar stand from over 800 years and above.

The Qutub Minar height and architecture made history in the books of India. Also, these questions from the history of Qutub Minar come in the National Level Exam Of India also in UPSC as well. Once, you will get through the secret of Qutub Minar you will be amazed.

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Let us go through the history and secret behind the Qutub Minar:

History Behind The Qutub Minar

Qutub Din Aibak who was the first ruler of the Delhi Sultanate built the Qutub Minar in the year 1192 against the victory on the last Hindu empire. Mainly people said the reason behind the built of Qutub Minar was a dedication to Sufi Saint Qutubdin Bakhtiyar Kaki.

Later, Qutub Minar faces several disasters in the period of 1369 AD which damages the Qutub Minar. Then the Sultan Firoz Shah Tuglaq rebuilt the monument with marble Redstone.

This was not the end of the Qutub Minar build again an earthquake hit the Qutub Minar heavily in 1505. Again, the ruler of Delhi Sultanate Sikander Lodi reconstructs the top pillar ends of the Qutub Minar.

The Qutub Minar was yet again hit by an earthquake in the year 1803 where Major Robert Smith (British Indian Army) built it again.

The reason behind too much construction in this Architecture is because of Qutub Minar Height. Also, the material red sandstone is a type of brick that makes the Qutub Minar stable but not made it stronger.

Secret Behind The Qutub Minar

Secret 1

The Qutub Minar was open for everyone before the period of 1970s. There were some kids who lost their lives due to accidentally falling from Qutub Minar and the only reason to close the monument is less safety precautions.

Secret 2

It is said that Qutub Minar is made over the 27 Hindu Temple against the victory of the last Hindu empire. Also, you can saw Hindu artifacts currently available in it, that connect to Hindu’s God.

Qutub Minar Height

According to a record, Qutub Minar Height is the tallest brick statue in the world. The height of Qutub Minar is 73 meters tall where Mughal used it to monitor all around their areas.

The height of Qutub Minar helps Mughal to stay awake from any other attacks by the enemy.

Timings and Tickets At Qutub Minar

LocationNew Delhi
Time To Visit8:00 am to 5:00 pm, all-day
Ticket Price (Indian)30 rupees (free for children below 15 years)
Ticket Price (Foreigners)500 rupees
Nearest Metro Or Bus StandQutub Minar Bus Stand or Qutub Minar Metro Station
ChargesCharges applied for using camera or shooting videos

Qutub Minar Today

Qutub Minar is the top most visited place in India or outside the world. In 2006, Qutub Minar create a record of the top most visited place in India.

Also, Qutub Minar was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1993. And that is a very great achievement by our ancient leaders.

More Things To See At Qutub Minar

  • Alai Darwaza
  • Iron Pillar of Chandragupta – II that never cause rust
  • Tomb Of Iltutmish (2nd ruler of Delhi Sultunate)
  • Alai Minar: The unfinished tower of Alaudin Khilji
  • Sanderson Sundial, a sundial designed on Marble
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