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Once a fan,always a fan

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I have absolutely no interest in PSG or watching them play, but I am currently watching a PSG game since their City game in the UCL.

One thing is absolutely clear – Argentina Messi => Barcelona Messi >>> PSG Messi (although it’s too soon to say).

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He clearly is playing as if he has nothing to prove anymore, which is understandable since he actually doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore.

Messi’s goals or assists have never been the significant aspect of his entire football career. The fact that he scores and assists(rather too frequently) is just an added advantage to what he has brought (or can still bring) to any team he’s played for bar PSG (so far). He is magnificent even without a goal or an assist. But at PSG (although I haven’t watched as many games), he is not his usual self.

But again, one can cut slack for he has dominated literally every year since 2007. Still would like him to have an objective, which he isn’t going to find at PSG. Of course there’s world cup. But at the club level, he looks as blank as us fans, when he had to part ways with Barça. It just doesn’t fit.

Messi once said “without me, Barcelona would he the same, without Barcelona I would be nothing”. So far, both have been almost nothing without each other.

He was thrown out of Barça, due to the mistakes of a certain Board, doesn’t mean he can’t come back under a new one? Because there’s no one who loves Barcelona as much as Lionel Messi does.

Just come back to the club, Leo. Few more years?

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