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Movie review Mridha vs Mridha

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I don’t know how to write a review, trying a little.
Movie: Mridha vs. Mridha
Director: Bonnie Bhowmick

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Definitely a great movie. Apart from fights, dances, songs and politics, only social stories can move the heart of the audience; I would not have understood if I had not seen this movie. I missed watching Bengali movies a long time ago. Bengali, Hindi is not a subject, I don’t really watch movies.

Let’s see if it’s a social movie.
Anyway, I laughed and cried when I saw this movie. Siam’s devotion to fatherhood has touched my heart. Siam, Nova, Tariq Anam have all done great. Tariq Anam’s performance was impeccable in his father’s rule, childish and childish voice.
We Bengalis naturally do not listen to the words in front and behind, we only bother with the middle words. Let’s ruin the relationship.

This movie has made it better. We have to think without making any decision in a hurry. You have to make a decision only after thinking a lot. If you don’t lose something in words, its meaning cannot be understood. That’s right.
I did not understand how the two-hour time was cut! I thought why not two more hours!

Great acting, great story. Can get national award.
I will give a rating of 10/10.

I will tell everyone to watch this movie. I guarantee it won’t be boring.

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