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Midfielders’ growth can be divided into three stages.

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i) Primary Stage
ii) Middle Stage
iii) Final Stage/ Mature stage

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▪In their primary stage they receives a rapid growth. Example : the growth of Pedri, Gavi.

▪After going through the rapid growth, their growth or improvement doesn’t occur that much in the next 3/4/5 years.

▪After that they enter their prime years i.e the best part of their career.

2) Our squad is now full of those players who have just went through their rapid growth that means they are now in the middle stage of their growth. They won’t improve that much in the next 3-4 years. Pedri, Gavi are two of them. Nico is yet to go through the rapid growth and he has many lackings too. And then we have Busquets who is in the last stage of his career.

3) De Jong is the only player who is going to enter his prime. So selling a prime age player absolutely makes no sense at all.

4) You can’t expect to win any major trophy without any prime age midfielder. Pedri, Gavi is yet to learn many aspects of the game.

5) I have no problem in offloading De Jong if the board manages to find his replacement. At the moment only Thiago Alcantara, Jude Bellingham, Josua Kimmich can replace him. Can we bring any of them?

6) There is a high chance of bringing Carlos Soler or Ruben Neves if Frenkie leaves. Soler doesn’t even deserve to play in our B team. He doesn’t even participate in build up. These type of players only suit in Bordalas’ football not here in Barcelona. And Ruben Neves is not that good to replace Frenkie. So either bring anyone of Thiago, Jude and Kimmich or keep Frenkie’s name out of transfer list.

7) Frenkie is the best player in our squad and one of the best in the world when it comes to press resistancy. I wonder how will we deal with pressing if Frenkie leaves.

8) Also I want to show a stat. Since Xavi left, only Frenkie has been able to deliver 40+ key passes in a season. Frenkie has been able to deliver 40+ key passes for two consecutive seasons ( 20/21 & 21/22 ). This state alone proves how important he is to the team. And it will be a crime if we sell him just for €80 million. If Ruben Neves asks €100 million, if Declan Rice is priced over €100 million then how on earth Frenkie’s price is €80 million? We mustn’t hear offers under €110 million.

At last I have only one thing to say, sell him if you want but be ready to face the consequences. Viva Frenkie, Visca el Barca.

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