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Lockdown: Roads Bladdery and check posts entirely

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Dhaka wears a deserted look with almost no traffic on the first day of the eight day lockdown that began on Wednesday .

Only people with emergency work were seen travelling on the streets The government has enforced a fresh strict lockdown for eight days from Wednesday in an effort to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

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Since morning, police checkpoints were seen set up at almost every major intersection in Dhaka city. City roads and important through fare remained mostly empty. Only people with emergency work were seen travelling on the streets. Under the fresh lockdown all government,

semi-government, autonomous, private offices and financial institutions will remain closed but the officers and employees will have to stay in their respective work stations. The Cabinet division issued a notification in this regard on Monday. The lockdown will remain in force from

6:00 am Wednesday (April 14) till April 21 midnight. But the employees and staff of air, maritime and river and land ports will remain out of the preview of the lockdown, adds UNB. All modes of public transports, including those of road, river, railway and air,

will remain suspended during the lockdown. But Emergency services, carrying of goods, production services will remain out of the purview of the restriction. However,

the restriction will not be effective in the case of carrying goods, emergency services and production. But industries and factories will remain open on condition of maintaining health protocols.

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