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Lockdown Love of Best !!

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Top Jokes:-

Zarina is not seen with Pappu Bhai for a long time due to lockdown. Pappu Bhai’s house is in Epara and Zarina’s house is next door. There is no opportunity to talk on the phone. Zarina’s mobile does not go easily. Pappu Bhai’s mind began to flutter to see him. Not one afternoon! He can’t stand it anymore, he went out to see Zarina on the way. There are no signs of people on the streets. As he entered the village of Zarina, he saw a few dogs on the street.

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He continued to move forward ignoring the fear of the mind. What happens when you are so scared to make love! After a while he reached Zarina’s house. There is also a window in the house on the side of the road. After waiting for a long time, someone came and stood by the window. It was not clear from here. Pappu’s brother whistled and went to the window.

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Hearing the whistle, the girl looked out of the window. The girl screamed in fear at the sight. Love ran away shouting, ‘Thief, thief, thief of the night, the day has come again!’ The soul that did not go, that is big! People started coming from all around with sticks. In such a situation, the only thing that can be done to save lives is to run. Bhagirathi took part in a race in one of the classes of the school. Today it worked!


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