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Layering Your Clothes Properly for The Fall Season !

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Fall is already upon us and we are looking at people wearing different Layering clothes and different prices every day. With our eyes firmly stuck to the weather channel, we are wondering what our wardrobe should look like for the fall and winter seasons. Well, you may be preparing to bundle up in your favorite blanket, you should also be prepared to dress appropriately when winter comes out. Finding the right layering clothes for every day can seem like a hassle. However, with a little bit of planning and some understanding of how layering works, you can easily create the ultimate fall wardrobe for yourself. The goal here is to make sure that you stay warm enough without feeling awkward, bulky, or just uncomfortable in general.

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Choosing the Right Base

When it comes to the staying warm part, the base layer of your dress has the most importance. You must get something that is warm yet lightweight and breathable. Whether it is long-sleeved or short-sleeved is entirely up to you. You can even go for a button-down shirt if you want. The important thing to consider here is that whatever you choose should be and a neutral color. This is to make sure that the base does not stand out too much to take away from that main layer. As for the warmth, it is best to go a little extra than choosing something that is too thin. If the weather suddenly changes, you should be able to manage yourself without feeling too cold. If it gets too warm, you could easily remove the top layer and stay comfortable.

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Main Layer

This is the layer that will be visible for the most part and will also be responsible for keeping you warm. However, it should also be something that you can remove easily. Therefore, it has to be something that fits you loosely. Typical options here would be sweatshirts and cardigans, or even sweaters. You should also keep in mind that the layer should also be thick enough to provide the most protection from cold. Also, try to find a color that matches your look and your day plan properly.

We recommend that you can buy your main layer from the Ounass store. They have a wide variety of items for you to choose from and there are a lot of options in terms of color and patterns as well. What you choose to buy is entirely up to you and your wardrobe. However, be sure to use an ounass promo code to make your purchase affordable. These different types of Layering Clothes can be easily available at the ounass store.

Outer Layering Clothes And Finishing

Last but certainly not least is the outer layer of your dress for the day. This has to be something that is the warmest of all the layers and also preferably capable of blocking wind. Things like puffy vests, lightweight jackets, fleece hoodies, and pullovers, etc. are the most common choices for this layer. They provide more than enough warmth and are also quite fashionable. One thing that you must keep in mind when buying an outer layer is to focus on function rather than looks. Of course, that does not mean but you cannot find both. If you buy from the Ounass store, should be able to find some great options that check both criteria. you can also get your outer layer for a cheap price by using an ounass promo code during checkout.


With the cold weather hitting all your body evenly, it is easy to realize that having a warm dress is simply not enough. You also need something that can keep your head, face, hands, feet, and even your neck warm. You can find some incredibly beautiful accessories to cover all those areas and even spruce up your look quite a bit. To buy high-quality accessories for your fall outfit be sure to check out the collection at the Ounass store. Not only is their collection stunning and affordable, but you can also buy your favorite accessories for incredibly low prices by using an ounass promo code.

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