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How to change Shopify Store Name ! Winpaid Shopify Store

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At the moment you join Shopify, you are approaching a store name while performing a record. The name of the store you select is used to make your Shopify sub-area in the arrangement.

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https://yoursToreName.myShopify.com. It is proposed that this sub-area be used for internal purposes such as signing and configuring, and dealing with your online store.

You need to know how to change Shopify store name so you can keep this space sub-space as the public URL public for your online store. However, we did not suggest it. We recommend that you use your own personalized area to build credibility and trust, one that reflects your image and is vital.

Research is: Shopify how to change store name So how would you change your Shopify store? I’m going to show you how it’s simple. All you need to do is from your home screen; you will see in the configuration on the left, click on it and then on the configuration page select,

“General” and on this page go to see the subtleties of your store where The name of your Shopify store is displayed, for my situation, the name is “Wander-Testing,” so I will transform it into “Wander-Advancement,” at that time, I should simply touch “Save.” 

In this way, the subtleties of my store have now changed to influence the new name of the “Wander-Advancement” store. In the possibility of shutting down my online store, you should see the reflected changes. Currently, how would the subdomain change? Surprisingly, you will not have the option to change your subdomain, except if you do another store.

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However, how to change your store name on Shopify in the event that you choose to overlook our recommendation and maintain your Sub-Space Misshopify? Since your client confronts the URL, you can change the name of your store; you will not be allowed to change your Misshopify Sub-Area. All things are equal; you must make another shop and shop.

In the possibility how to change my Shopify store name of off that you use or intend to use your own custom space, you can change the name of your Shopify store for corrective reasons. However, it will not influence your personalized area or its subproject from your customer area.

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How would you change my Shopify store name?

You have two fast and simple alternatives to change your Shopify store name:

I am using the versatile Shopify application.

Using the Shopify Administrator’s site

Change the name of the Shopify store by means of the versatile Shopify application (iOS or Android)

1. Open the Shopify application on your cell phone and press the store symbol in the right corner.

2. Press Settings.

3. In the store configuration area, press General

4. In the area of ​​the tent subtleties, you will see your name of the present store in the field name field. Erase the name of your current store and write your new name of the store.

5. Press the Save button at the top to save your changes.

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