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This is a write up on how ladies can be involved in a responsive relationship

If a man ever asks you ‘what do you bring to the table’, sis I think you need to sit down and do some internal work. For a man you are dating to ask you that question, that means you really have nothing of actual value to offer. Stop letting femininism deceive you.

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Just because you are pretty does not mean you should not have anything valuable to add to people. Yes take care of your looks, but invest in your mind, learn a language, learn about other cultures or sports or whatever appeals to you, just learn something..

How can the only thing you talk about be celebrity gist. the bar may be low for men but let us be honest,  the bar is also very low for women, they are given enough free hands to be lazy by the society.

A woman should add value to her mans life not just take, take and take. If you want a transactional relationship then try sugar dating or escorting instead. Imagine meeting a hustling young man who is trying to put his life together and all you want is Gucci bags, trips to Greece etc.

I watch a lot of lifestyle influences on the internet, the ones that prioritise travel don’t splurge on luxury goods, the ones who love luxury goods rarely travel. A woman need to prioritize her life for basic development and not just asking from his man all the time.

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