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How to Apply Eye Makeup Naturally?

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Eyeshadow (or eyeshadow) is a cosmetic that is initially applied to the eyelids to make the wearer’s eyes look different or more attractive.  Eye shadow can also be applied under the eyes or on the eyebrows.  … In India, Kohl, an eye liner, played a prominent role in various dance forms and ceremonies such as weddings.

Eye makeup 

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5 effective tips to get beautiful eyelash, some tips to make eye makeup 

1.  Eyeshadow First you need to understand the color of the eyes and choose the color of the eyeshadow.  Eyeshadow that contrasts with eye color usually looks good.  Shades of gray, blue, green and purple go well with black or dark eyes.  And with light colored eyes, tan, brown or bronze shades go well.  

2. First you have to give a light eyeshadow because once it gets dark it is very difficult to remove.  So you have to darken it slowly. Giving eyeliner to eyeliner eye makeup – is also a skill.  Because eyeliner will give your eyes a wonderful look.  The application of liner may vary depending on the shape of your eye.

For example, for round or small eyes, it can be applied only on the outer corner or only on the upper leaf.  First rub the pencil on the fingers and make it a little softer.  So that there is no pain in the eyes.  If you put a little powder on the line drawn with eye pencil, the line will not spread and will be long lasting.

3.  Mascara Before using mascara, if possible, thicken the eyelids a little with eyelash curler and take the curls.  Masakara will give your eyes a definition.  4.  Eyebrows Draw a line from your hair color with a light eyebrow pencil.  Remember, using eyebrows in a darker shade than hair color is very inappropriate. 

5. Concealer If there are any dark spots or dark circles under the eyes, it should be covered with concealer.  

The color of the concealer blends well with the color of the skin.

Apply Eye makeup Naturally, 

How to apply eye makeup naturally

For those of us who love to wear eye makeup for various reasons, makeup remover is a very necessary thing.  It’s easy to use, but have you ever wondered what kind of skin problems you might have if the chemicals used in these makeup remover products don’t fit your skin type?  From skin burns to acne can be caused by this careless use of the product!  

But do not make up?  

Of course you do, but from now on it is natural.  By doing this you will not have any risk to your skin and you will not have to worry about finding the best product in the market.  Let’s find out the names of some natural makeup remover.  


Makeup products are usually made from milk.  To get soft and clear skin, you can also gently rub a few drops of milk on your face.  Then wash your face with clean water so that the make-up does not get stuck in the pores of the face.  

Olive oil 

The gentle texture of olive oil is very suitable for use on sensitive areas like eyes.  Gently wipe the eyelids with 2/3 teaspoon of olive oil on cotton.  Wait 3 minutes for the eye makeup (especially mascara) to slowly rise.

Banana, after applying make-up, apply a mixture of banana and a few drops of milk on the face to make the skin fresh and soft.  Leave it for 10 minutes and wash your face with clean water.  Understand the difference in the skin yourself!  

Baby oil

Baby oil is good not only for babies but also for your skin.  Feel free to use it for makeup.  You can also use it to make eye makeup by mixing olive oil with it.  


Do you know that cucumber can also act as your makeup remover?  Boil the cucumber in water for 10 minutes.  Now make a mixture of cucumber with half a glass of milk.  Now clean the face with cotton and wash it in clean water.  You can use the surviving mixture later, as this cucumber mixture can be stored for up to 1 week.  

Lemon juice 

Lemon juice helps in removing makeup and removing dark spots under the eyes.  Mix one teaspoon of potato juice with a few drops of lemon juice.  Now wipe the face with the mixture with cotton.  Finally rinse with clean water.  Enjoy the skin difference now!

The above makeup tips are mainly for women with sensitive skin.  And one thing all women should always remember is, “Never go to bed with makeup on.”  Even if it is difficult, you will go to sleep after removing the make-up, otherwise the skin of the sadha will be dull.  If there is any confusion about this, you can read this article. May this article keep your skin fresh and vibrant!

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