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Happy Birthday Lionel Messi

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Messi’s name means “Encantador” (cheerful, generous)
The man is making himself as the meaning of his name as an infinitely pleasing generous man.
Through his magical creation
He has taken himself to infinite heights!

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When it comes to writing about her beauty in football,
Can we really write everything? Is it possible to express Messi in the silence of words?
How is it possible that man has reached infinite heights like that mountain.

Has taken himself above the best of all time in the football world !!
It is not possible for me to properly analyze the magician named Leo Messi through ’39’ consonants and ’11’ suffixes!

But this is writing ,?
Who are these I will say that I am satisfying the hunger of the mind through some sentences!

I want to write a lot about Leo.
I could write about his every run, every solo, every dribbling, every pass, key-pass if I could express my feelings separately!Then maybe I could give some love,

I will write something whenever I think about this man
Then I get confused,
Where to start? First add a line,
I would like to write, what will I write about Messi? Write about the magic of his left foot on the football field?
Or the achievements in football like maximum 6 Ballon d’Ors, maximum 6 Golden Boots, maximum 4 Playmaker Awards?

Or write about a warrior who does not give up, a leader? Every player of the team enters the field to bring a title to that leader!
Or should I write about him as the best person in football?
I’m really confused!

I have known this man for about 13 years, but he has had the good fortune to enjoy the game for a very short time! Only 6 years!
During this time I have immersed myself in the magic of the beauty and personality of a magician named Messi.

This man’s game and personality fascinates me a lot more!

How fluent a person with such a reputation, usually presenting himself in the media or in real life, makes me think a lot!

What more do these people want?
Man has nothing to ask for, but football has one thing to ask for. A World Cup!
Literally this man deserves a World Cup! Hopefully the golden trophy of Qatar will touch his hand before his departure!

But I also have a lot of regrets,
The biggest regret is, I haven’t been able to enjoy this guy’s game since I started understanding football! If only people had TV in the village from a young age!
This one pain hurts me!

Today it is very difficult to think that I will not see this man on the football field for a long time!
The age is also increasing with time! Today, Leo crossed 34 and set foot at 35! Happy Birthday Leo. Spread the fascination by showing the middle finger of the age for many more years!
We are with you We love you so much.

However, I will not write more, because as long as I continue to write, I will want to write,
That’s all I’ll say, I love you so much for your football creations! Awesome!

Again Happy Happy Birthday.

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