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Gajwatul Hind is coming!

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The biggest religious war in the world will be the “Gajwaye Hind” or the war of the Muslim Ummah against Hindustan India. The Muslim Ummah is sure to win this honorable battle. SubhanAllah.!

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But in this honorable war, one third of the Muslims will be martyred and the last war will be won. Subhanallah.!

Those who will be martyred in this honorable war will surely be the dwellers of Paradise. SubhanAllah.! And the Muslims who will return victorious after winning this honorable battle will die in faith and will be the dwellers of Paradise. SubhanAllah.!

Again, the so-called Muslims who will flee from this honorable war will die unfaithful. Naujubillah!

It has been said in the Holy Hadith about Ghazwatul Hind that it will be the biggest jihad of the Muslims in the world against the infidel polytheists.

In this war, one third of the total Muslims of Hindustan will be martyred, another part will flee and the last part
G.H. will continue.

The Muslims will win for sure but it is so terrible that only a small number of Muslims will survive to celebrate the victory.

In other words,
Gazwatul Hind (final) battle of Hindustan. One day while the Prophet (pbuh) was looking east and taking a deep breath, one of the Companions asked the Prophet (pbuh), “O Rasulullah (pbuh) why are you doing this!”

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “I can smell victory in the east.” The Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What do you smell of victory?” The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: War will break out in the east with the Muslims and the mushrikeen (those who worship idols). The war will be unequal. The Muslim army will be limited in number, but the mushrik army will be more in number.

The Muslims will die so much in that war that the Muslims will be drowned in blood.

In that war, the Muslims will be divided into three groups; One part will flee in fear at the sight of a huge mushrik army, they are the people of hell! And one part will all be martyred in the battle. The last part will continue the war relying on Allah and will win in the end.
Rasulullah (6) said, this war is equivalent to the battle of Badr! (Subhanallah)

He added that Muslims should take part in the war wherever they are at that time.

Nasai Volume 01, Page 152
Sunan Abu Daud Volume 08, Page 42
Join me in this fight
Give tawfiq to Allah

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