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Franck Ribéry: the Silent man

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Franck Ribéry: “I grew up in a neighborhood, in the middle of thirty blocks, where I learned to share a can of Coke or a pack of six-pack chips.

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I don’t forget, it’s within me… But with my scar, I drooled. When I was a kid, everything I had in my mouth is unimaginable.

Had to be present so we wouldn’t get too much roomed. This gave me an answer. This scar, it forged me, it gave me character and strength.

Without her, I’d be a guy.. normal. I’m proud of this, for being through it all. It wasn’t easy. Yes, I’m proud and happy with who I am. At the end, I like my mouth and I like my life.

Happy birthday to one of the best players of our generation, Franck Ribéry 🇫🇷❤

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