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Especially important post for women

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1.Two rak’ats of prayer for a pregnant woman is better than 60 rak’ats of prayer for an ordinary woman.

2.A good woman is better than 60 auliyas

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3.A wicked woman is one thousand wicked men
Worse than

4.Worship every night of a pregnant woman
The days are considered as fasting.

5.When a child is born, the prayer of 60 years is-
The virtues of fasting are written in his diary.

6.The pain that comes during labor, the pain,
Giving Hajj Chawab due to every pain

7.If the child dies within 40 days of delivery
He was given the status of martyrdom.

8.The woman who breastfeeds the baby, she drops every drop
Gain a virtue in exchange for milk.

9.If the baby cries and ‘mother’ is some kind of bad blessing
Don’t give him milk, God is one
One year of prayer and one year of good deeds does.

10.When the baby is breastfed
An angel descended from heaven
He gives good news to his mother that God is holy
He has made Paradise obligatory for you.

11.That woman can sleep for the baby to cry
No, he got the virtue of freeing 20 slaves.

12.That woman suffers because of her illness
And still serve the child.

11.God forgives all the sins behind this woman
Giving and giving 12 years of worship does.

12.When husband and wife towards each other
Look at the eyes of love, then God is also
Look at them with love.

13.The woman who sends her husband in the way of Allah
He takes care of himself and stays at home.
Men entered heaven 500 years ago
Will do And 80,000 angels welcomed him and she will be the leader of the Hurras.
Bathing will be given in heaven. She
For the husband to ride the horse of Yakut
Will wait.

14.The wife who disobeys her husband, his prayers and
Other worships do not ascend to heaven.

15.When the husband returns home from the outside
Come, if the wife feeds him
Do not betray in the absence of the husband,
However, God willing, the wife is 12 years old
Gives the reward of prayer.

16.If a husband teaches his wife a masala, he will get reward equal to 60 years of worship.

17.The holy woman who observes prayer and fasting
She serves her husband for him
The 6 gates of heaven are opened.

18.The woman who sweeps the house with remembrance,
May Allah reward him for sweeping the “Kabaghar”

19.The woman who says “Bismillah” prepares the food
May Allah bless his provision

20.That wife died while her husband was satisfied
Yes, heaven is obligatory for him.

21.The woman who does not veil, the other man own
Attracted to, all those women in heaven
You can’t go, you can’t even get the fragrance of heaven
His for a naked woman 4 men of the family are hellish

Her father

His older brother

Her husband

His eldest son
(Musnad Ahmad 5639)
——– Amen –

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