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Emi Martinez on fifa world cup 2022

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Emi Martinez: “For the World Cup I’m going to prepare like I’ve never prepared in my life.”

Emi Martinez: “I wasn’t surprised with Scaloni. Many said that he needed experience, but if you are good, you are good. Not many coaches in the world can create a group like he did.”

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Emi Martinez: “Key of our National Team? We’re like family. We will all be there together in Ibiza, we’ll take photos and eat asados with families. It’ll be nice. Things like that adds little and helps the team more.”

Emi Martinez: “To be the goalkeeper of National Team, you have to have personality. The feeling of having to defend Argentina always generates a greater adrenaline than for a club. This group is amazing and famous band Scaloneta are getting stronger.”

Emi Martinez: “We are going to play games like as if is last ones in our life. This is World Cup year and we have to do our best to be on the list so no one comes here to relax, we have to be best version of ourselves if we want to achieve our goal.”

Emi Martinez: “Obviously the sensations are different knowing that we have already done job of qualifying for the World Cup, which was number one objective when we started playing Qualifiers. the group is very good, what is the most important thing, we are hungry.”

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