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Dream of every muslim girl

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Muslimah: me? I don’t know how to cook, sew or iron.. how am going to marry you?

Man: Do you know how to pray? Do you worship Allāh subhana wa ta’ala without associating with anyone? Do you give the zakat? Are you afraid of Allāh?.

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Muslimah: Yes, I pray every day, I love Allāh swt and no else, I give charity whenever I can and the one i fear is Allāh subhana wa ta’ala.

Man: smiling that’s enough for me, I want you to be the half of my Deen, not my maid.

Every girl wants her husband to be a good man. Let him keep her well all the time. Talk to her with a smile on her face, use her nicely. They want to spend the rest of their lives together.

To be successful together in the hereafter. To raise children as human beings, so that they can walk in the society with their heads held high for themselves and for themselves.

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