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Best Accounting Software For Small Business 2021

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Every business needs an accounting software for their day to day transactions. It helps them to track their business records such as Account Receivable, Account Payable, Cash Journal and many other accounts. Also, it helps the business to calculate their profit and losses on their finger tips.

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But for a small business, it is costly to afford any type of accounting software. And for this, here we introduce that software that is especially for small businesses.

There are many types of Accounting Software but here we found the top 5 accounting software that you can trust blindly.

Also, these software are especially design as per a small business purposes. So that even a single person owner or a freelancer can get the same benefit as a big firm can get.

And the uses of these software are so easy that you does not require much knowledge to learn about them.

The top 5 Accounting Software for Small Businesses are as follows:
1. QuickBooks Online
2. Xero
3. Freshbooks
4. QuickBooks Self-Employed
5. Wave

1. QuickBooks Online- Accounting Software

No doubts, it will come at the top of our list because it is the most trustworthy and easy-to-use software. A big majority of small business holders use this QuickBooks Software in their daily. Also, the large base of the US population only prefers the Quickbooks online software.
There are endless training sessions is provided by Quickbooks Intuit and proper customer support for helping customers. All accounting features can be conveniently used on a single dashboard which makes the bookkeeping efficient.
Small Businessmen can also use 30 Day free trial of Quickbooks software which will make them sure that it is beneficial for them to use it or not. After that, if they found this software worthy then its plan starts from $25 per month. Also, there are various offers and discounts that you can get while purchasing its services.

The benefits of the QuickBooks Online Software:
a. Used by Accounting Professionals
b. Cloud-based
c. Available on mobile app
d. Integration with third-party app
e. Proper help support to the users

The consequences of QuickBooks Online Software:
a. Sometimes facing error but can be removed by help support
b. The upgrade is required to increase users
c. Syncing Problems

2. Xero- Best For Small Business

Xero is the best accounting software for a small business purpose only. The Xero is very simple software and its interface is very simple to use. Any type of online information or data can be collected through the Xero software.
No doubt, it is also very useful for a new learner of accounting software. But this software does not have proper customer support just like Quickbooks has. And the services of Xero are very user-friendly and Payroll services start from $9 per month.
Xero offers you 30 days of free trial where you can get to know about its services and if user found it worthy they can buy the services of Xero.

The benefits that you Xero Software:
a. Cloud-based
b. Mobile App availability
c. Third-party app
d. Inventory management is very simple

The consequences of Xero software:
a. Limited customer support service
b. Limited reporting

3. Freshbooks- Best For Service-Based Business

If your business is engaged in a service-based business then this probably the best software for your business. Freshbooks offers the most customizations in invoicing the bill of your business. This software will send proposals, collect retainers, track projects, and receive payments. And also this software will take care of bookkeeping as well.
There are four different types of plans available at Freshbooks and its plans mainly start from 15$ per month. The main difference between these plans is the number of clients that are allowed for bills per month.
However, this Freshbooks is now been popular in the market and its services are also very good. Users have also preferred this software for their day-to-day accounting.

The benefits of Freshbooks software are:
a. Easy to understand interface
b. Beneficial for a new learner
c. Available at low-cost
d. Cloud-based
e. Integration with Third Party

The consequences of Freshbooks software is:
a. Mobile App Limited
b. No inventory management
c. Beneficial for service management only

4. QuickBooks Self Employed- Best For Individual and Freelancers

This would be probably the right choice for an individual or for a freelancer. This software is very simple and easy and user can primarily check their income and expenses with this software. This software is mainly maintained for individuals who can check their tax returns.
Quickbooks software mainly works automatically and gives you the end results on time. Users do not need to calculate all business transaction and it will be done it automatically.
There are mainly three plan options are available by QuickBooks and it starts from $15 per month and can go to $35 per month. You can choose the plan of QuickBooks according to your requirement.

The benefits of Quickbooks Self Employed are:
a. Cloud-based
b. Mobile app
c. Better customer support services
d. Sync with Turbo Tax
e. Give the difference between Personal and business expenses

The consequences of QuickBooks Self Employed are:
a. Limited Invoices
b. Limited Reporting
c. Difficult to transfer the data to other software

5. Wave- Best Free Software

Wave is the best free accounting software for a small business and for a new learner. Those who have very little knowledge of accounts software can use this software for learning. It is a very ideal software for a small business where they can create free simple invoices and store their business transaction. And after the end of the year, they can pull out the necessary details for calculating the tax return.
If you want free software for accounting then this would be the probably one. Its interface is also very user-friendly and easy to understand.

The benefits of Wave Software are:
a. Mobile app
b. Free accounting
c. No limit on creating invoices
d. Unlimited number of users

The consequences of Wave software are:
a. No inventory management
b. Integration of Third-party is limited


These are the top 5 accounts software that users can use in handling their day-to-day accounting. This software will help you in handling the Invoicing, Bank and Credit Card syncing, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Payment Collection, Trading and Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and many other accounts as well. However, in some software, you cannot manage the inventory. If you want to manage the inventory as well then choose according to it.

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