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Argentina and Brazil, enemy or rival

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Two Latin American countries! The so-called football superpowers, like Bangladesh and India, are neighbors, so the relationship between them is always friendly, which can be understood through their friendly exchange during their reunion! Because they are opponents, but not enemies! So love and respect work in them without hate.

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But alas, we the people of Asia (especially Bangladesh-India) who can’t say a single line about the position of our country’s football, but don’t know the names of the 5 players of our country, even fight with these two superpowers. “And we’re constantly belittling each other in different ways. Well, we don’t have the intelligence that not everyone has the same choice.”

What I like is what others like. “It’s a misconception, let him like what he likes, learn to respect other people’s preferences, and if you can’t respect, you have no right to humiliate or belittle him.
I am an Argentine: I am saying as a supporter, I think my team is weaker than your team, I think my team is weaker than your team ,,, then you will get the right to say whatever you want. ?? Bangladesh team is also weak, why give them support in cricket ..? Do not come here again to say Bangladesh is my country!

Because you do not have the ability to name 5 football players in this country. If I were the current best team to support Belgium or France, but you would say your team is the best, because Brazil is in your heart. The same is true on the back of the wall.

Telling the Argentine supporters, don’t clap with one hand, maybe they are making bad comments about you, are you losing one bigha of your land in this ?? When you get angry at him for his words, he will find a way to get angry with you again.

The problem is we all enjoy this beautiful football game from the silent to the beautiful, don’t make it a means to make anyone small in one’s own way.

Respect football, and respect your opponent🇦🇷🇧🇷

©Abu Hanif Biplab

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