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Friday, October 22, 2021

Affiliate blog website

This is one of those simple enough website ideas that’s accessible to anyone with ambition. Affiliate blogging could be the easy profit-earner that I am looking for. With an affiliate blogging website, I will be posting targeted content. The aim is to drive traffic from my platform to the site of the seller of the product or service I am promoting. If users who have clicked my affiliate links then make a purchase, I get a cut of the sales profit. Say someone searches online for new tennis shoes. They find my blog post on the ‘10 Best Tennis Shoes of 2021’ and click an affiliate link for the top-rated pair. They buy the shoes and I get a portion of money from their purchase. Neat, right? This kind of online marketing takes some work though. Affiliate blogging is a competitive industry, so make sure I find my niche – I could go for a product or service I know or simply love.

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