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A fire hunt in Chattogram

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Combined military hospital has been opened in the cantonment. Some donors go over there. If everyone is rushed to Chittagong Hospital, the casualties taken to the military hospital will be in crisis.

  • Lots of crowds at Chittagong Medical College. Multiple ambulances are entering in a few minutes. Casualties are also coming from RAB vehicles. Being prevented from entering due to the crowd. Go to work without increasing the crowd.
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*It takes a lot of water. The victims are pouring water on the wounds and eating them due to the fire. Bring a bottle of water with you.

  • Negative group blood seems to be more than positive group. Positive group blood donors do not need to increase the crowd for a long time.

  • Painkiller Pathedin seems to be more and more. Those who are going. Try to take them if they can. It will be handed over to the volunteers.
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