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9 Month Pregnancy Diet ! healthy your baby will be and delivery

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Being overweight at 9 months of pregnancy can cause problems with your digestive system i.e. digestion so you need a balance diet so let us know what kind of diet you should take in 9 months of pregnancy diet so that you stay healthy Could

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It is time for you to relax, because in a few days you are about to give birth to a cute baby, usually at 9 months of pregnancy women have a little bit of trouble and it is also natural. is last month and the baby in your womb is now fully developed. So you will realize that you are overweight in your body, your body weight will increase and you may have difficulty in walking, but along with the difficulties, you also have a happy feeling in your mind why your dream of becoming a mother will come true soon. Is going to happen

9 MONTH PREGNANCY DIET – What should we eat?

Diet full of fiber: such as green vegetables, fruits, all kinds of grains, bread, dates etcREAD ALSO:  11 Best Ways to Remove Facial Hair -its Health us

Iron-Rich Foods: such as fish, chicken, egg yolk, peas, spinach, soybeans, dry fruits etc. You must eat iron rich food 3 times a day

Calcium-Rich Foods: At this stage of pregnancy, you need to eat calcium the most. For calcium you should consume maximum amount of milk or milk products. At the same time, consume things made from porridge, almonds, sesame or sesame

Vit C-Rich Foods: At 9 months of pregnancy you need to take more vitamin-C. For Vitamin-C you should consume Lemon, Orange, Mosambi, Strawberry, Tomato, Cauliflower etc.

Folic Acid-Rich Foods: To reduce the difficulties during childbirth, we should eat foods rich in folic acid, so you should include green vegetables, gram, mung dal, etc. in your diet.

Vit A-Rich Foods: To get Vitamin-A you should include foods like carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes in your diet

What should we not eat?

All of the following, we should avoid from the first month of pregnancy because taking it can have a bad effect on the health of you and the baby. So let us know what are the things that we should not eat at the time of pregnancy


Caffeine: If you have a habit of drinking tea or coffee, try to avoid it. Be careful not to take more than 200 mg of caffeine throughout the day. It is not necessary that tea and coffee contain caffeine only and there are many things that contain caffeine like chocolates, cold drinks, soft drinks etc.READ ALSO:  First Month Pregnancy Diet : What to Eat and Why?

Alcohol: Well we all know that alcohol is harmful to health especially for pregnant women. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy increases the risk of premature delivery and at the same time increases the risk of many types of congenital diseases in the baby.

Saccharine: Saccharine is used to sweeten food and drink. It is commonly used in making sweets, so do not consume any sweets or other foods made from Saccharine.

Pregnancy Diet

Tobacco: Like men, some women have a habit of smoking tobacco and some women also smoke. You may not know it is as harmful to your baby’s health as it is to you, so you should stay away from such things throughout your pregnancy.

At the time of pregnancy we should not eat raw or undercooked food whether it is veg or non-veg. Wash any vegetable and consume it only after it is well cooked. Before eating any fruit, it should be washed and eaten well. Why raw fruits and vegetables contain bacteria and harmful germs that put you or your baby at risk of infection

In 9 month pregnancy you should take care of all the above and try to take the best diet so that you and your baby can stay healthy, the more you take care of yourself during pregnancy, the more healthy your baby will be and delivery i.e. You will also have less discomfort during delivery.

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