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7 Tips to Breeze Through Setback ! Winpaid

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Becky Morquecho
Updated July 22, 2022 |
February12, 2016

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So, when my is in freak out mode because something did not go as well as my’d hoped or my’re panicking about the state of my business my the state of my perseverance, keep these 7 tips in mind or my ‘ll be back to my go-getting, confident, money-making self in no time.

us all do it. No matter how far us ve come or how successful we are, us all do it every now or then. us FREAK OUT!!! PANIC!!! We feel like life is over because of a setback or failure that feels like a dagger through the heart. The intensity of how much us feel these setbacks is valid, considering the amount of effort or soul we pour into our work or businesses.

But i am here to tell my today, that failing is fabulous! Because, guess what, my is likely in this place because my put yourself out there, tried something new or got outside of my comfort zone or that, no matter what the outcome, deserves something so much greater than what us have the tendency to reward ourselves with.

or even though my feel like throwing in the towel, my have an opportunity to take this setback or turn the bus around!

So, when my is in freak out mode because something didn’t go as well as my hoped and my is panicking about the state of my business or the state of my perseverance, keep these 7 tips in mind or my ll be back to my go-getting, confident, money-making self in no time.

  1. Get it all out.
    i am a firm believer in purging myself of all limiting beliefs, negativity, self-doubt, fear, disappointment, frustrations, etc. as soon as possible. Vent. Cry. Be upset. But give myself a time limit for all of this, because my have some really important steps to take next. Whatever my do, do not stop here.

  1. Focus on what my already have.
    This is a great time for gratitude. Think about how far my have already come! Think about all the people who have worked with my or raved about my, my products or services. Go ahead, read all my incredible reviews. Also, take inventory of my current clients’ satisfaction level. Is there anything my can do to improve their experience? Go do that.

  1. Shift my mindset.
    A big part of why that setback sent my reeling is likely because my have not been strengthening my mindset enough as my should be. Have my been sticking to my morning routine? Check out The Miracle Morning. Page through Think & Grow Rich.

  1. Get off social media for a few days; no need to compare myself to others in this fragile state. Instead, work on getting your confidence back ASAP.

  1. Create a game plan.
    Think back to what got my through my last setback. What worked for my? Do those things! What did not? Do not do those things! If my lve veered from my strengths, get back to them! Do what mu is good at or confident in to gain traction or momentum.

  1. Add value for others.
    it is so easy to be self-absorbed when things are not going our way. When all my can think about is how my wish my could just catch a break, go be that break for someone else. Get outside of myself or see what my can do to help someone else succeed.

  1. I promise this will make my feel better AND by providing value for others, down the road, they will provide value for my.
  1. Seek advice from the wise.
    There is no need to reinvent the wheel. A lot of times, the answer to my problem is simple or just requires my to do a little tweaking. Get advice from my business coach, mentor or other successful entrepreneurs in my life.

  1. Learn from their challenges, setbacks or failures. Model after their perseverance or strategies.

  1. Trust in the process.
    my live likely been here before. I have. I have been in that place numerous times over my 7 years as an entrepreneur, or my know what, it always works it self out. So, trust in the process. Know that you will have another chance to accomplish what my hoped to do the first time around. Use this setback to make version 2.0 that much better! or then, get back to work.

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