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A story from doctor to salesman

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A doctor left his job at a private hospital in Bangladesh and went to Canada to join a department store as a salesman.
The store owner asked – Do you have any experience?
“I was known as a doctor in the country,” he said.
On the first day of the job, he worked very hard. At six o’clock in the evening, during the holiday, the boss asked him, “How many customers did you sell to today?”

He replied – I have sold to a buyer all day today.
The owner was surprised and said- only one? Every salesman here sells products to 20 to 30 buyers a day. How many dollars did you sell the product?
He said 98,8,543.
The boss was surprised and said- what! How did you do থাত

He said, “I first sold a small fishing rod to that buyer.” Then I sold a large and a medium fishing rod.
Then I sold a big fishing rod and some fishing gear. Then I asked him – where will you fish? He said he would fish in the coastal area. Then I told him – then you will need a boat.
I took him downstairs to the boat department. The gentleman bought a two-engine boat twenty feet long from there.

Then I told him – this boat will not catch your Volkswagen car, a big car is needed! I took the gentleman to the automobile department. At my suggestion he booked a car to carry the boat. Then I asked him- where will you stay while fishing?
He said he had no plans in this regard. I took him to the camping department. He bought a sleeping tent for six people, as I had suggested. Finally I told him – when you have bought so much, now you should buy some food and drink. The gentleman bought some groceries and two cases of beer for two hundred dollars!
This time the owner of the store got a little tired and said with surprise- the man who came to buy a fishing rod, you bought so much with him!

The doctor gentleman said- No sir, that gentleman only came to buy headache medicine.
I explained to him that fishing would relieve headaches.
This time the owner of the store wanted to know – what did you do before?

He said- I was a doctor in a private hospital in Bangladesh. Even if it was not necessary, I would advise the patients to undergo various types of pathological examination, Echo, ECG, CT scan, X-ray, MRI etc.
The owner of the store said- from now on you will sit in my chair and I will go to your country and bring training in a private hospital …!

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