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ক্রিড়া জগতের সেরারা মেসিকে নিয়ে কি বলে.??

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🗣 Sachin Tendulkar (Greatest Cricketer of all time): “Messi or Ronaldo? Messi. Because he’s more of my type.”

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🗣 Roger Federer (Greatest Tennis Player of all time) : “I think Messi is the Best Player in the history of Football.”

🗣 Michael Schumacher (Greatest F1 Player of all time) : “I love watching Barca play. I’m also a big fan of Leo Messi.”

🗣 Tiger Woods (Greatest Golfer of all time) : “Messi is the best player in the world. Even my childrens idolize him.”

🗣 Tom Brady (Greatest NFL Player of all time) : “I’m just very blessed to be compared with Messi as an athlete. He’s an incredible player, an incredible talent.”

🗣 Mike Tyson (One of the Greatest Boxers of all time) : “I love watching Leo Messi play.”

🗣 Kobe Bryant (One of the Greatest Basketball players of all time) : “I think Messi is one of the Greatest athletes of all time. His techniques and skills are amazing.”

🗣 LaBron James (One of the Greatest Basketball Players of all time) on Twitter : “Heard Messi made the game winning assist! That’s my type of play. Win, loss or draw – you make the right way to help your team to be successful.”

GOAT footballer recognized as GOAT by GOATs of other sports 🐐

🔵 Mesmerizing Messi

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